“Sip vino is the classiest looking stemless reusable wine glass I have ever come across! Finally, a great quality, unbreakable and elegant product to compliment our outdoor lifestyle. I’ve been a fan of sip bubbles for a while now, and always pack them in my bag when I travel. There is no better way to soak up a new city than getting a selection of local food and wine & having a picnic whilst soaking up the new culture.

Cheers to sip bubbles! Well done.” - Alana G


“I absolutely love sip bubbles! So versatile! Whether it's pink bubbles or Sunday afternoon mojitos by the pool, they just work every time! The best part is that they are dishwasher safe and come out perfect every time! I would highly recommend sip bubbles and I love the stylish packaging too.” - Megan H


"I'm not an outdoors kind of girl ... unless it involves Champagne in Sip Bubbles. My hot tip: keep a box stashed in the car ready for any occasion or getaway."

- Nikki Parkinson, www.stylingyou.com.au


“Sip bubbles have changed the way we camp, picnic and party by the poolside…they look great, feel great to sip from but better still, hold way more bubbles than you think!” - Dee W


“I was so impressed with my sip bubbles, I bought them for ALL my friends and family for Christmas. Everyone loved them. The box looks beautiful, not to mention easy to wrap and light to post too! Now I’m so excited at the arrival of sip vino – that’s Christmas for next year sorted!” - Julia McG 


“I love camping, the outdoor lifestyle and I especially love champagne. Sip bubbles are the perfect travel companion, light, durable, easy to clean, and they are beautiful and stylish like their creator.” - Mel A