The story behind sip bubbles...

Originally from Scotland, I married an Australian and have been living in sunny Brisbane with our 3 children for 18 years!  (whoosh, that's passed so quickly!) Although feeling a million miles from Scotland at the moment, I admit I do love the Brisbane life.  The weather brings a wonderful outdoor lifestyle – beach, BBQ’s, camping, picnics, lazing around the pool – heavenly!

It all started with bubbles. I really like bubbles and I’m fussy about how I enjoy my bubbles. Finding an unbreakable, transportable flute was so difficult. The rim was too thick, the plastic cracked or broke easily…the stem made the flute topple over, or it was too hard to clean as they weren’t dishwasher friendly. (I’ve had many a flute buckle in the dishwasher!)  So, my mission was ON. And finally, I found the solution. A beautiful, elegant BPA free Tritan flute that provides the perfect vessel for your precious's shatterproof, dishwasher safe, reusable and recyclable.

In fact, such was the success of sip bubbles, we were encouraged to launch another product with all the same unique features for enjoying wine, cocktails, soft drinks, spirits or even beer! Along came sip vino...

Listening to the comments and desires from our lovely customers we then introduced a custom made tote bag to hold your sip bubbles products. Also, we've added silicone bands in individual  glittering colours (dishwasher safe, of course!) to identify which drink belongs to whom.

These latest additions to our range make it even easier for you to sit back, relax and enjoy those special outdoor moments.

We've updated our classy, sophisticated boxes for both sip bubbles and sip vino, thus making the ultimate gift.  And lastly (for now) cards...we've couple together with Fox and Follow to provide the most beautiful quality greetings cards, so now we can send the gift of shatterproof drinkware to your loved ones, with a personalised gorgeous card that fits the mood.  Just check out the cards section of the store.  They are devine!

We are so proud of our products, and we know that you and your friends and family will love them too.  


Rach x